Who gets a trainer?

What's so good about a trainer?

What's so good about a trainer?

"Everyone who exercises needs a trainer! A trainer is not a catalog of exercises, they should be knowledgeable in the science of exercise, physiology, kinesiology, thermodynamics, biology, nutrition... The list goes on and on!"
 Let us explain it a little more in depth


  • Most of us aren't pro athletes, olympians, marathon runners or savage beasts who get paid to step on stage. But that doesn't mean that we all couldn't use additional motivation and guidance.  Some people like the challenge a faster paced higher intensity workout provides, other people need more of a slower paced approach. We accommodate each client, prior injuries, activities of daily living, and exercise preference in all program design.



We program for every level of experience:


  • Novice
  • Experienced
  • Athletes
    • Athletes if you compete still or not, we create custom programs specific to your sports. Incorporating the movement and agility work specific each and addressing common sports-related injuries specifically. We want to help prevent them before they happen or stop them from happening again. The goal is to design programs to make you a more dynamic athlete, versatile and less injury prone. We want to increase durability by helping you move better, increase response time, power, torque, reflex speed and more.




Paper program’s
  • If you have a good foundation in fitness already, have a tough schedule or just don't want a personal trainer with you, we can work with that. 


  • Are you looking to take your program even further? We specialize in program design of every kind. No matter what the event, vacation, wedding, concert or anything else you may be preparing for we can give you the right program. 




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