About Object Fitness LLC

What Is Object Fitness?


Why ?

It's simple really, fitness is too commercialized. Object Fitness is a way to get everyone educated with quality information without all the technical terms. As Fitness became more commercial it was flooded with fake studies to help million dollar companies sell products. Most of the information you come across is highly inaccurate so we're here to cut through that and bring you facts.


What does it do?

Object Fitness Creates a platform for all your fitness needs. What could be better? We want to unite people from every fitness level. Bringing everyone together to work as a team and support each other through positive energy! Misery isn’t the only one who loves company winners need company too!


How Does it Do it?

This website!


If you have a trainer already, are looking to get one, or are not interested in a trainer you can find something you need here. We provide most things on this website FREE. We do not expect money for the services provided on this site. We give things out for FREE but ask in return for you to share #ObjectFitness on social media.


Object Fitness, LLC believes that you should get more than what you pay for, not just what you pay for!