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Object Fitness, LLC is dedicated to giving you FREE professional grade workouts. We want to continue to pump out FREE workouts but we need your help! The only way we can afford to dedicate so much time to updating these free workouts is if you help us! Please share, spread the name promote the brand and help us keep the movement going. We want to help you get better, but you have to help us reach more people in return! 


Let us give you some potential ways to help us! 

  1. Do the Workouts yourself

  2. Tell a friend 

  3. #ObjectFitness on Social Media

  4. Wear a Shirt

  5. Share the Link 

  6. Follow us on Social Media 

  7. Submit any questions you may have to

  8. Watch Our YouTube Videos

  9. Like our Facebook Page!

  10. Help us by giving us your suggestions 

Free Workout Groups

Ripped Series
30 Min or Less
Beach Body Series
Sports Training
Explosive Training
Core Series
Big Arms Series
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