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Bootcamp Workouts

Week 1 (June 2nd - 5th)

Week 2 (June 9th - 12th)

Week 3 (June 16th - 19th)

Object Fitness would like to know how you are doing with these workouts. These programs will get you results. Always make sure to practice good form, as form is more important than weight or total number of reps. Quality over Quantity! #ObjectFitness on Social Media so we can track your progress! Keep us updated! Good luck! 

Week 3 (June 23rd - 26th)

Free Workouts

Object Fitness only provides top quality personal training. We are not afraid to give out free workouts because we know that once you see how good these routines are you will want a custom one. The results are amazing! Don't trust us, try it for yourself and see just how good they are! What do you have to lose? It’s free!  



This button was requested by people who do these free workouts. 


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