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Destroyer Series 

Q: What is the Destroyer series?

A: The Destroyer series is designed to basically punish your body for 7-8 weeks at a time. Using intense training methods that will absolutely drive results in short periods of time. This series is a combination of CrossFit influence, Power, Explosive, General Body Sculpting all while maintaining a core focus throughout the entire series. This series in particular is going to challenge you day in and day out. You will most likely not master this plan until about the 8th and final week. Just in time to progress to the following part of the series. This workout is the ULTIMATE plateau buster. 


Part 1 (7-8 Week Program)


Part 1 is going to be challenging because there are going to be a lot of lifts, moves and circuits that you have most likely never done before. If you have done them it is going to take you less time to master this routine! The goal is to never use weight that is too heavy but never too light. We want you to be constantly challenged. This workout should be VERY taxing every time you step into the gym. 


This series is 4x/ week this workout should be combined with one of our "core" Challange cards. Our suggestions will be placed below. 

Part 2 (7-8 Week Program)


Part 2 is going to be challenging, this is going to be a different type of challenge than part 1. By now you will have a solid foundation of form, execution, sets reps, and a general strength base. Part 1's total aim is to build up your baseline strength and get you comfortable with the lifts so that part 2 we can really start to have some fun! For those of you looking to continue to challenge yourselves this will be the best thing you can do! Keep your results coming, push through to for the next 7-8 weeks with us, and lets complete part 2!


Combine with our Bodyfat Challange Card 1-2x per week for a total of 5-6 workouts per week! Link Below 

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