Friendly Competition

What ever motivates you Try and keep it somewhere you will see it every day! 

Its always good to feel the pressure of a challenge now and again!​


     This is where you will be able to put all that hard work to the test! Here you will be able to see who else is working just as hard as you if not harder! Sometimes this can be very good for helping you put your Energy and Commitment level to the test! ​




     This is not intended to hurt anyone's self esteem this is targeted for those who are having difficulty finding a motivating factor to help find some sort of motivation. Those of you who are fully motivated and committed don't go away we have something for you too!




     This is the best area for keeping yourself up to speed on how hard everyone else is working! This is the prime time to find other people with similar goals to you who are working just as hard as you to help push you along! 

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