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Its Finally That Time of Year Again! 

Object Fitness Bootcamp is proud to announce its 4th annual bootcamp! 


Object Fitness LLC is brining you yet another great bootcamp! This year the focus is on burning fat. We will be building lean muscle and toning up. No matter if you are a college athlete, just getting started, looking to improve muscular endurance or if you are looking to build explosive power, this is where you want to be! 


Object Fitness trainers have mastered the art of composing exercise programs that have injury prevention and efficiency training. Why waste time and tell yourself for yet another summer that this will be the summer you finally get in shape? Come to Bootcamp and make it actually happen! 


Make this the summer to remember! Join the movement! 




Object Fitness LLC is proud to announce that although the bootcamp will be undergoing many changes this  year the price will not be one of them! We believe in quality exercise for an affordable price. $10 is our price and we are sticking to it. 


Pre-Purchase options are available at a discounted rate. Contact us for more information!

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