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We are always happy to take new trainers, our goal is to accept as many QUALITY trainers into Object Fitness as possible. Both the individual trainer and Fitness will be better because of it. Object Fitness Trainers are among the best in the business for a reason! Our system works!



We encourage you to email us and apply to try and become an Object Fitness Trainer and join our elite ranks! We will screen you prior to accepting or rejecting any trainer; every person who applies will be called back. We are looking to find the best of the best and the only way to do that is to find out how good you really are. We want to know who each one of our trainers are and their story. If you are not accepted immediately we will do our best to help point you in the right direction. If you feel as though you have improved your skills enough and would like to reapply there is no limit on applications. If you would like to join Elite, Object Fitness Trainers everywhere contact us!


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In your email please provide your resume credentials, any personal website you may have (for training). We would like to know the time you have been training for, average length of Work-Week (only counting training hours), specialty, favorite style of training (if you have one). What are your personal goals in the fitness industry? What do you see yourself doing 1,5 & 20 years from now? What is your favorite thing about being a personal trainer?


*This is a general email guideline, you may add anything you may want to add to this. This is just to get you started on right track.*