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Alex Lambert 

Certs: NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine)

Courses completed via NASM: postural correction, youth training, athletic training, core strength & stability, cardio training, sports specific training. 




Retro Fitness-Averaged 95+ sessions per 2 weeks, over 10 letters of referrals. Learned how to train clients  with only 30 minutes per session. Measurments and weight recorded every month along with body fat %. 


TNT (Total Nunziato Training)- Privately owned training company that focuses on local high prospect athletes. There, I ran a summer class that consisted of 8-12 clients (co-ed). I also brought my private clients over and gave them more of an athletic environment which allowed them to try something different. 


William Paterson Football (2 years)- Aquired expereince and skill strength training with the William Paterson football team. Gained a lot of experience with athletic training and rehabbed a torn ACL prior to joining the football team. 

Started as a freshman on special teams and recieved significant playing time on defense. 






Growing up I never would have imagined myself as a personal trainer. We all know the typical stereotypes that we see in commercial gyms; That just wasn't me. I first came into contact with eprsonal training when I was 14 years old. I was out of shape, slow, and fairly weak for my age but I was a tough kid with a hard mindset so my father introduced me to my first and only trianer at Gold's Gym. There, I developed a relationship, a bond, and most importantly, a friendship that would last forever and influence my life a great deal. I became obsessed with the idea that I can better myself by just implementing hardwork with knowledge. As long as I was willing to learn, I was unstoppable. This relationship grew over the course of my highschool career and I was determined enough to succeed in sports and learned a great deal. 

  I still didn't see myself as a trainer until I finally broke out of my comfort zone and started to train people. It started with close friends and family and before I knew it I felt a passion for it that I hadnt recognized before. The more people I was involved with, the more versitle I became. The more sessions I ran, the more fluid my style appeared. Everything started to become 2nd nature to me and my obsession only grew. I realized through personal expereince and dealing with deifferent types of clients that no matter what the goal may be, it was all connected. Meaning, whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, lose fat, or just become a healthier person, you had to put in the work to correct your posture or else that inevitable platue would be your destiny. I am a huge believer in posture because in the end that translates to your ability or inability to move properly. My stlye is buidling from the inside out, starting from the ground up, and essentially, building up a foundation that wont only be instilled during my sessions with you, it will be something that you will take from me and carry with you for your entire life. Im very detailed in dealing with form and movement. My goal is not only to make you happy, healthy, and's for you to learn everything I know, see everything that I see, so that you can love bettering yourself as much as I loved it for myself. We here at Object Fitness believe a community of trainers who come together and are on the same page can better the fitness world than 1 trainer who has one belief. We all have our own styles and interests but at the end of the day it's how you manipulate your diet, training, and recovery around the corection of your posture. Without correcting the things that inhibit you to succeed you will continue to hit that wall (plautue). We want to teach you how to avoid that so we can all become better as a community. I am honored to be one of the catalyst of Object Fitness and am grateful to anyone who gives us an opportunity to better their lives...the goal is to love what we let us help you love yourself and the hardwork that you have in you to succeed. 


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